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Will N26 become the new normal in Banking?

Since a few Months now I'm looking for a suitable Bank Account that covers my needs, and found N26 (Number26) very useful. Not only because they're giving a Mastercard out free of charge - but also because I need an Account that is user-friendly and reliable.

Before I start with the Topic, let's take an excerpt what I had before - the Gebuhrenfrei Gold Mastercard. Many people fall for this because it gives you ~£600 Credit limit, which means, you can directly use this amount of money at your next purchase. It sounds too good to be sure - and in fact there's a problem.

When it comes to the first Monthly Statement - you get it via Mail and have like 21 days to pay it off fully - without any interest fees. They say 0% - they mean 0%.
But when do you know your purchase is due? Well, it depends. Sometimes it takes a day, or 2, or 3, or even a full Week.

You'd F5ing the page in thinking it's real-time but it isn't. The Customer support is rubbish as well.

I needed to find a perfect Card for me. There are some good Banks in Germany, that offer Credit Cards in their offers.

The Page https://www.deutscheskonto.org/de/ has a choice as well.
https://www.deutscheskonto.org/de/besten-girokonten/ little excerpt:

Number 1: Berlin - DKB Cash - free Bank Account, Visa Card, Cash withdrawal is free with the Visa Card at any ATM, everything online.

I personally have an Account there. The good thing is, that you can deposit money on your Account at these locations via ATMs. Don't forget your Debit Card for that.

Number 2: ComDirect Giroaccount
Same thing like the DKB, but you've to stick with the Girocard for withdrawals and if you want to deposit money you'll need to go to the counter at the Commerzbank. But the Commerzbank has more Branch Locations.

Number 3: ING-Diba Account.
-please read the Page for Informations.

A while ago, Number 26 was there - but it had been removed, due to the big changes in their System.
I'll look ahead because N26 has a great option with it's Real-Time Push System.


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