Tutorial: AFD fix Windows Problem

Tutorial: fix Internet AFD error in Windows
AFD Error in "eventvwr" Administrative Events -- Closing of  TCP-Socket Port Number 49821 taking longer than expected -- Happens in Chrome Process PID 2960

Hey guys, It's me again, Junpei. I haven't posted something since a while ago so I thought, it's time for a new Tutorial? Here we go~


Once a while ago, I bought a limited version of Malware Bytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime on Amazon for $19.99 because I find this Tool very useful. The Installation was easy and the Application is still running fine.

On January 27th I installed a new Antivirus Program (previously I used Avast Free which I reverted back to) which used a Web-Interface. I found it useful, so I installed it on my Machines without any thoughts about Conflicts.

2 Days later, a second User of my Computer reported me, that my System became unstable and the Internet wouldn't work as expected - it even crashed. I didn't believed her until I saw it. I never thought that it was Sophos Antivirus Home so I tried googling the Issues I get.
I got a couple of AFD errors in Windows Event viewer saying that Ports are closing. I thought that it has something to do with an Error my SSD placed there as well (I'll explain in another Article)
So I was on the Wrong way all the time.

Yesterday I thought about all that stuff and sat in front of my PC looking though some stuff.
HTTP.sys, AFD.sys and somehow the Date of the last change was January 31st. I scrolled though my Software and looked at the Installation Date of those. It was Sophos I installed recently.

I began uninstalling it and thought that would be a Joke. Guys, a Business-Level Anti-Virus is doing all this? Yes, after uninstalling Sophos, everything seems pretty normal and all Web-Browsers are working again. Including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Why all this?

After some Searches on Google I finally found the Solution.
Since I use Malwarebytes Premium on my Machine, it includes a "Real-Time" "Security Scan" which is constantly scanning Packets that are coming in though Web Browsers. Everything is cool on there.

Now it gets tricky. I installed Sophos Antivirus - which, as seen on Sophos, also included in Endpoint Security, can block Websites as well.

Somehow both Applications "soaking" the Packets in and "brick" them.

Update 1: It seems only happen on Windows 10 Systems yet. I tried it with Windows 7 but it doesn't seem to be the same.
Update 2: Added a Photo of the Event Viewer Log to the Article

Has anyone have had the same Issues as I had? Leave your comments below.



  1. i have both installed and experiencing the same issues. i disabled sophos web filter service and sophos web intelligence service. back to normal now.

    1. Great to hear that. It might be the Sophos Filter System.


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