Connectify - No WiFi - No problem

Connectify Hotspot - The Easy way to create a HotSpot

Many people are asking me: "How can I create a wireless HotSpot with my Computer?" My answer to the question: "Use +Connectify Hotspot PRO ". I used the Software for about 1 year now and I'm pleased with it. First I was sceptic about it - but it worked as suggested. I want to suggest to download the Software from and try it before you buy it. The best thing on it: It's completely free to do so. You'll be able to take a look into the Program amd decide yourself if you want it.

+shareware (so you can try before buy)
+share a custom Network adabtor such as Mobile Broadband or VPN connection
+WiFi-to-LAN function: Share WiFi connection with LAN Port


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