Time for a new Post

Hi my followers,

it's been a while since the last post (which has been reverted to drafts and unpublished, reason for this are missing photos, I'm sorry for this) but today here's a small new post.

It's been a while since I was in the UK end of may this year and my Galaxy S4 startet yelling: No-SimCard, KitKat Server error (thanks to the Xposed Module by thomashofmann - XDA-Article: here)
And I don't reccomend to try this. If you're going to upgrade to 4.4.2 - please with caution.
Crash Prevented - KNOX is the issue
Among with the error, if I hadn't the fix, my phone is doing random reboots all the day along.
But the Module is not yet fixing the SIM-Card error. I really hope for Samsung that they're going to fix this issue in XXUENG8 soon and bring an update - but the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the last thing, I bought from Samsung. I don't get it, that Samsung takes so long to release a KitKat update, and Google is at 4.4.4, Samsung at 4.4.2. So if there is any good Brand out there, tell me. But I don't like Samsung for this. Knox is the most awful Software they ever released to the general public as an "additional" module. If this isn't enough, each update brings you free Bloatware you can't remove full out of your Phone.




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