Problem with Spotify's Premium Subscription

I've had a Spotify Premium Subscription...

Spotify Logo I have a Spotify-Free account, which is not connectable with Facebook. After Spotify deleted my Account, I have had to create a new Account. After 5 months ( I wanted 3 Months) I've had to give up my old account. The good: I caught the chance to claim my old Playlists. The bad: I'm no longer the owner of the Playlists, which means: I'm not able to edit them. It's really annoying for me because I've to readd all my playlists manually. The Playlists were Published to my Facebook Account.

"How it went wrong? (The Story)"

In November 2012, I thought about a Pre-Paid solution for spotify. There are these Spotify Cards, but they're only available in the U.S. and United Kingdom. I thought a bit longer and found the PaySafeCard. A payment method, I used for games and Skype payments. There were no availability points on the Spotify Homepage. I decided to browse the Web for a solution and found an offer. What I didn't recognized at this moment: the Accounts have been created at "Telia Sverige (Sweden)". There was an special offer called "Telia i Mobilen". This account has been checked by the Spotify Support and have been cancelled after that.
Now I've some suggestions to Spotify:
  • Prepaid Card Solution in Germany
Not everyone here in Germany have his own Credit Card or a Bank Account. I find it useful, to intrduce "Spotify Cards". With this you can also reduce the number of shared or illegal Accounts in germany.
  • High-Quality Streaming for the Desktop Application - without a Premium Subscription?
I like the Streaming-Quality but you can improve it. There's a High-Quality Streaming availability for Premium users. Some users would change their Streaming Provider. Spotify isn't the only service. Deezer, SoundCloud and Juke have other, maybe better solutions for the Users.

~Junpei Shibayama (CEO JP-PC-Tech)


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