Why I post sometimes, and sometimes not...

Why do I post so rare?

I want to answer this question in this post. First of all, I want to introduce myself. I'm JP, 17 years old and a Student. You would know, that the 9Th and 10Th Class will write the final Examinations soon, mine will begin at Wednesday. That means: School, School, School. (Learning by writing?) After a long day at school, I'm not in the mood to write long texts, but today I'd like to give you this answer. There are some more reasons why. The following are:
  1. Friends
  2. free time
  3. Travel
  4. stress
all these factors act on my blog. This is my main blog, where I posting in, there's a german Blog too.
I also have a artist page on deviantArt where I post some pictures on. I'm on twitter so why don't tweet me? I won't bite ;) But most of the twitter activity comes from YouTube, where I've a german Channel... I don't give it out here, because most of my readers are from U.S. or Russia. 

That's all I want to say.




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