Once uppon a time...

...there was "KXUIO" or "Yuki-Panini"... I think this shop has Book-Potential, because it have had a short but long life. In my opinion there should be a day to remember this Time... The Time when iPad's were hung in a wall, the time we got extra-bubbles... All these times are badly over. But I remember you!

  1. We got extra bubbles
  2. We have been there in groups with over 15 people
  3. The shop was always full
but why did he finally closed the shop? And the answer is easy: Customers, who have been there didn't bought Bubbletea or Frozen Yoghurt. No money = shop have to close. I think, It wasn't worth the €100 we spent him for his shop. I think the shop has a worth of ~€1500/Month and the new one Kyoto-Sushi wouldn't hold as long. But one is different: the shop is empty than before. Well, but where are the customers? Where are all the people? And here are three minds of me, where these people are:
  1. At BoBoQ Bubble-Tea - the last one, who's open in town
  2. At a different Sushi-Store
  3. At home and playing Video Games
Final question: what will happen to Kyoto-Sushi in Q2 '13 until Q1 '14?
In my oppinion, the store would close as well, because there are only a few customers left, who visit it!
It's not my job, but I think, this will happen! I'll keep you up-to-date.

Sorry for the break. I'm back now!

You can visit the Original KXUIO Page on Facebook, which is still open, on



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