Yuki-Panini's future

Future of Yuki Panini - Rumor

The rumor of today is: will Yuki-Panini only sell Panini in future and completely remove Bubble-Tea from their Store? The Owner of the Store told me, that he has physically and psychically changes in the future. Last applying for the TV where is shown one and the same Playlist every day. The playlist has ~10 Songs and will be played over and over again. This will annoy visitors and "kicks them out psychically" I think. And he would remove all the chairs and couches and replace them with Wood-chairs. So the store would be less comfortable for the customers. I think, when he do those things, his store is writing dark-red numbers. He can close it, before it starts. The project would start in 1 or one and a half months, he said. But my bright idea was: IS IT A FAKE? Because if this is real, the store will closing next time...

That was everything today. I see, the last entry's are all about Yuki-Panini (KXUIO) but it's one of my favorite places. Hope, you're not annoyed about it.



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