[KXUIO] The only friend, the end?

Times have changed

not only the store and it's products, the complete environment have been changed. As we have donated some money on December 22nd last year, I got some Insider news who would be interesting to some of the Customers. Yes, you're changing the View of the Store itself. It was or IS a well-known store for us and the Owner has now a few changes, who takes effect actually.

The first and most important one is: Customers, who don't buy anything will be kicked-out of the store within 30 Minutes. The bad is: the owner is not able to force customers to buy anything.

And for those, who asks: No, there's actually no one time fee to stay there more than 30 minutes.

2nd change is about the iPad's who are in the store. Some of you have noticed it right. First: The note, that pictures taken w/ it would be uploaded to the Official-Facebook-Page was gone.
And now the iPad's are gone.

I have been there yesterday and noticed that. I asked the owner why they've been removed. The answer was accurate to the customers who used them. It was too loud in the store and the neighbor store has complained about it.

Now it IS OUR BUSINESS to save the store. To be quiet is just the beginning.

Problem number 3: Money. A rumor is given, that "Kxuio Hannover" has red-numbers. And I think, it is OUR obligation to save it. My plan is: every time, when we're in the store, we could buy something. When the plan is working, we would have enough money for the store to write black-numbers. I'm unsure if it takes effect, but it would be OK.

That's all for Saturday, February the 2nd, 2013

Your ~JP


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