I'm now using both. iOS and Android

Cross-Platform running (ruining) iOS VS. Android

Hey. That's me, JP from JP-Tech. Today I'll write about MY opinion to iOS and Android.  First of all, both of them are ready for Multi-Tasking. I just write about the Facebook app.
Okay. Facebook on iOS looks like:

on iOS, the app runs smoothly.
To see the Profile (Timeline) slide to the right or tap the button on the top-left.

To chat, swipe to the left, or tap the button on the top right (or the messages button)

both bring you SMOOTH to the messages

As you can see, there's nothing special. Actually the app version is 5.2.2 which is BUGGED (notification bug)

The ANDROID app version (see, kinda BIGGER buttons for my thick fingers)

Yepp, captured @9.33 in the morning.

Wireless sucks ;) (Mobile network too)

The app doesn't support slide right nor left. The ONLY way is: click this shit ON.

I noticed a small orange circle around names, what says "hey. I'm a mini browser. Press the down key"


But the app IS definitively buggy. I prefer iOS app.

But the app has push notifications, who are bugged on iOS.


|°~JP from JP-Tech


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