Do you ever heard about Pirate Remote and other things?

Here is my Personal Reputation about the Pirate Remote, which is distributed by, an german Internet-Shop.

Pirate Remote
The Pirate Remote is a small device, looks like a remote. It can be used as a keyring, because it is so small. It fits in your pants pocket and can't be recognized as itself directly. The Remote has a Guide on the back of the device, but it works simple. There are 8 keys on it.
Here are the Functions:

P ---> Power off/on (most TV's only Power off)
C+--> Channel +
AV -> Choose A/V Channel
V- --> lower  / Volume -
V+ -> louder / Volume+
M --> Mute Audio
C- -> Channel -
S --> Set (Hol, until the Volume change notification appears and release it)

Conclusion: A really nice device, to annoy people, or get the control of other TV-Devices


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