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N26 - Banking by Design

Will N26 become the new normal in Banking?

Since a few Months now I'm looking for a suitable Bank Account that covers my needs, and found N26 (Number26) very useful. Not only because they're giving a Mastercard out free of charge - but also because I need an Account that is user-friendly and reliable.

Before I start with the Topic, let's take an excerpt what I had before - the Gebuhrenfrei Gold Mastercard. Many people fall for this because it gives you ~£600 Credit limit, which means, you can directly use this amount of money at your next purchase. It sounds too good to be sure - and in fact there's a problem.

When it comes to the first Monthly Statement - you get it via Mail and have like 21 days to pay it off fully - without any interest fees. They say 0% - they mean 0%.
But when do you know your purchase is due? Well, it depends. Sometimes it takes a day, or 2, or 3, or even a full Week.

You'd F5ing the page in thinking it's real-time but it isn't. The C…

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